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Partnership Opportunities


Myhealth remains committed to growing organically and successfully through working with innovative and progressive doctors/partners, allied health professionals, leasing agents and business community members who are interested in growing with the Myhealth network. If you are interested in pursuing such a vision, please register your interest below:

Dr Anthony Yap - Sydney CBD | Barangaroo

I’ve been a doctor for 17 years now. I’ve worked for different practices but it came to a point where I had to do something but I just didn’t have the confidence in areas like doctor recruitment, staff hiring, building construction and marketing. I needed the help and support of another group and Myhealth seemed like a good fit.

I’m not stuck to one practice, doing the backend, hiring, monitoring, and the daily running of the practice.  I can look forward to doing other things in my life, because there are different opportunities I would never have had without the support of a larger group like Myhealth.  For example, like Barangaroo (NSW), it’s a big new hub. I would not have been offered this as a standalone or even with a small group of doctors, so with the branding recognition the Myhealth provides, it helps getting into more reputable places.

Dr Michael Jiew - Sydney CBD | Barangaroo

The key benefits were a better lease, better fit outs, use of a system and support structure that Myhealth already had to help us open a practice. When a patient sees a doctor who has ownership of a practice, the doctor tends to look after the patient more because they want the patient to come back.  They look after the patient holistically because they’re in it for the long term.

I would recommend the experience of joining the Myhealth group.  I joined Myhealth last year with my first practice.  Now I’ve opened a second Myhealth practice and that shows I’m confident with their structure and model and the team of doctors that form the core of Myhealth. They are essentially good doctors who seek to look after their colleagues and patients - it boils down to simple, good teamwork.

Faisal Qidwai - Rhodes

It’s a good network with a lot of colleagues. All the local partners know each other and meet up to discuss ideas, bringing more to the practice - something that when you’re isolated and on your own, you couldn’t do.  It’s good to be part of that network and share ideas and to grow things from there.

Myhealth is a good group with a positive reputation.  Patients who have visited other Myhealth centres; they have a positive experience there and they come to our centre expecting a similar experience.  

Dr Meena Qidwai - Rhodes

The top benefit would be the human resources support that Myhealth has offered us. The setting up of the practice was extremely easy with Myhealth. There is a team that comes in and sets up your staffing, sets up the whole fit out of the practice and that includes the doctors rooms. We found that extremely helpful and something that we had never done before, and to have that type of assistance was fantastic. At the end of the day, having a good local family GP delivering what Myhealth offers to its patents with additional on-site multidisciplinary facilities is important.

I’d definitely recommend Myhealth to younger GP’s who want to start a practice. There’s a lot of support.  My advice is to definitely consider Myhealth as an option as it gives you a good base and stepping stone. You have a lot of backup and support which you may not have access to if you go out and do it on your own.


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