Myhealth Medical Centre

Patient Info

Recall & Reminder System

Our practice is committed to providing you with the best preventative care possible. We may issue you with a reminder notice on some occasions. We also participate in the state/territory reminder systems. If you do not wish to be part of this system please let your doctor know.

Test Results

All test results are strictly confidential and in order to protect your privacy this practice does not give results to patients over the phone. We request that you make a follow up appointment within seven days. In the event of an abnormal result the patient will be contacted directly.

Home Visits

Privately billed home visits are available for regular patients who reside within a 5km radius of the practice at the discretion of the doctor.

Management of your Personal Health Information

(Privacy Act 1988)

Your personal health information is collected and used directly in association with your health care. It is a confidential document and it is our policy to maintain the security of medical records at all times.

You may request to view or a copy of our privacy policy at the front desk.